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TRUSPEC introduces the new BDU Xtreme, exclusively in A-TACS Camo

A-TACS Camo in partnership with TRU-SPEC is introducing a new uniform style with a deep connection to the history of SOCOM–paired with the ultimate concealment solution.

Since the inception of modern Special Forces groups in the early 1950s, it was commonplace for many of them to modify the uniforms they wore to better suit the specifics of their mission criteria.

In keeping with that tradition at the beginning of the Global War On Terrorism, Special Forces groups began a new series of modifications to their existing Battle Dress and Desert Combat Uniforms. Chest and arm pockets were modified to enable easier access when wearing protective or load bearing gear as well as additional modifications required to make it easier to remove identifiable personal and unit information as needed. Noisy Velcro closures were replaced with buttons for stealth and easier repair in the field. A simpler, less restrictive uniform cut also made the uniforms more adaptable to rapidly changing mission objectives.

The new TRUSPEC BDU Xtreme (BDU-X) was developed in partnership with A-TACS Camo and was created with the input of Special Operations and Law Enforcement personnel. It is a hybrid uniform design and bridges the gap between the original BDU and the modern ACU uniform by incorporating many of the best features of both. Cut from soft yet durable 50/50 Vat Dyed NyCo that resists fading and shrinking these uniforms are built to perform


-50/50 Vat-dyed colorfast NyCo ripstop for moisture wicking and breathability

-NIR Management built in to each garment

BDU-X Top Features

-Slanted Shoulder pockets with button flap closures

-Velcro panels on pockets for Unit ID

-Two slanted upper chest pockets with button closures

-Front button closure

-Re-enforced elbows

-BDU style collar

-Wrist adjustment with button closure

BDU-X Pant Features

-Two slanted cargo pockets with button flap closures

-Two rear pockets with button flap closures

-Two side slash pockets

-Oversized belt loops

-Front button closure

-Re-enforced knees and seat

-Blousing strings for adjustment at base of legs

BDU-X Combat Shirt Features

-Slanted Shoulder pockets with button flap closures

-Velcro panels on pockets for Unit ID

-Torso cut from moisture wicking NyCo Blend

-Wrist adjustment with button closure

-Re-enforced elbows

-Quarter-zip collar design

A-TACS Camo…The Ultimate Concealment Solution–Enhanced

These new uniforms are available exclusively in the complete “X” series of camouflage patterns from A-TACS Camo, including New A-TACS AU-X and FG-X along with A-TACS iX and Ghost. Like the BDU-Xtreme, the “X” series of A-TACS Camo patterns was developed with the input of Special Operations personnel.

Mixing and matching camouflage patterns has also been an effective strategy for Special Operations throughout their long history of service. It is with that understanding that the new A-TACS AU-X and FG-X camo patterns along with A-TACS iX , are designed to mixed and matched with one another to further break the human silhouette for maximum levels of concealment in a wide variety of environments.

The “X” series of patterns utilize a shared common color palette with the ratio of brown and green tones altered between each of the respective patterns. This enables the end user to pair one set of Nylon Gear in the A-TACS iX (intermediate) pattern with either the FG-X (tropical), the AU-X (arid), or to utilize the iX pattern from head-to-toe in transitional terrain to easily maintain effective levels of concealment without changing over expensive nylon gear.

Simply put, the A-TACS Camo X Series is a complete concealment solution with infinite adaptability. For more information regarding availability of this new uniform, visit TRU-SPEC online at

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