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Founder / Owner / Pattern Designer

Phil grew up in the Ft. Benning area as part of a military family and has been an avid artist since the age of three. He has over 20 years of experience designing camouflage patterns for both the outdoor and tactical industry. He worked for ten of those years with an industry leading company designing and marketing top-tier camo branded patterns.

During his time in the outdoor industry, he was one of the first pattern designers in the industry to create a true photo realistic fully digital camouflage pattern. Continually seeking new challenges, Phil left his position in the outdoor industry to launch his own with a successful marketing company before founding and launching Next Camo, LLC. In 2006.

Fueled bt the many advances he pioneered for Next Camo Phil later turned his attention to creating something new for the Tactical Industry with the creation of Digital Concealment Systems, LLC,, the parent Brand to A-TACS Camo launched in 2009.

Since 2009, DCS has continued to push the envelope of camouflage pattern creation and design with products utilizing A-TACS Camo worldwide.

A-TACS Camo was Developed by Digital Concealment Systems, LLC. is a USA based company located in the Columbus/Fort Benning, GA area. Digital Concealment Systems specializes in the creation development and implementation of comprehensive concealment solutions.

A-TACS Camo systems are created utilizing proprietary algorithms that create organically shaped pixels to reduce acquisition times both by increasing the pattern depth with enhanced color layering and to minimize hard edges within each respective pattern. A-TACS offers a full spectrum of multi environmental solutions to cover any worldwide area of operation.

Target markets for A-TACS Camo over the last decade plus of its’ existence are Specialized Military Units, Three-letter Governmental Agencies, OGAs and Contractors.

A-TACS Camo is a pioneer in the development of fully customized concealment solutions suited to any environmental area of operation.

A-TACS offers a wide range of manufactured tactical and Military gear designed to perform in any setting.

A-TACS Camo is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in the development and implementation of effective concealment solutions and is currently in use with the following...

In The United States:
* United States Army Sniper School
* John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School
* 3rd Special Forces Group
* USAJFKSWCS Special Forces Sniper Course
* 75th Ranger Regiment
* Other Governmental Agencies (OGAs)
* Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies
* US Department of Energy Nuclear Response Teams
* US Marshall's
* Special Weapons and Tactics Teams

* Polish JKW
* Chilean SOF
* Ukraine Alpha Group
* Norwegian SOF
* Multiple International Law Enforcement Agencies

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