A-TACS Camo Now Available on Revolutionary Royalite HG Thermoform Plastic Sheets and Holsters Exclusively From Burly Man Tactical

Handgun holsters must be tough and durable, even for everyday use. Burly Man Tactical and A-TACS Camo are proud to introduce a full line of A-TACS Camo sheet Thermoform plastic products and Holsters formed using Royalite™ HG. Burly Mans Holster Grade sheets deliver superior color that resists wear and tear, enhanced durability and toughness while being easy to form and offering complete design flexibility. Now exclusively available from Burly Man Tactical in a full range of A-TACS Camo patterns to create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind holster that maintains its look and feel throughout long-term use. To find out more or to order sheets or holster products, call Burly Man Tactical at 1-(912)-409-0523.

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