A-TACS AU Camo Gear from Beez Combat Systems

Beez Cobat Systems specializes in building nylon gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, weapons manufacturers, tactical weapon trainers and real world operators. They are dedicated to producing some of the highest quality tactical gear on the market.

BCS Molle Plate Carrier in A-TACS AU Camo

This low profile carrier is designed for versatility and is adaptable to a variety of platforms with modular web attachment points on the entire vest, Velcro panel for Name tape, ID, blood type…etc., top load compartments for front and back hard plates – supports SAPI cut plates, 2″ quick release waist buckles on each side. Other features include optional padded shoulder straps with webbing routing guides, optional side molle pads, four routing points on the front side for wire, antenna or hydration hose guides and a reinforced drag handle on the back.  Cut from Mil-Spec 500 or 1000D A-TACS Camo Cordura.


BCS Shotgun Scabbard in A-TACS AU Camo

The BCS Tactical Shotgun Scabbard provides an effective way to carry, support, secure and deploy a tactical shotgun. It’s ideal for tactical teams that need to carry multiple tools. Features adjustable shoulder and waist straps that allow for quick carry situations, or attachment webbing for a more permanent mounting. BCS can also customize the scabbard for different shotgun lengths. Send them an email for additional details on customization. Accommodates tactical shotguns as short as 14″ barrel. Additional features include double stitched seams, closed cell foam padding, Genuine A-TACS Camo Cordura material, Mil-Spec Velcro and webbing, includes attachment webbing for a pack or assault vest, adjustable and Removable 2″ waist belt, adjustable chest and shoulder straps, 18” Pry tool pocket and a weapon securing strap.

For more information on these and other products from Beez Combat Systems, or to order visit them online at: www.beezcombatsystems.com.

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TenCate Protective Fabrics and Digital Concealment Systems announce Defender M in A-TACS Camo

TenCate Defender® M sets the standard for flame-resistant military grade fabric, having been specified by both the United States Army and Marine Corps as the uniform material of choice for its ground troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to its patented technology, TenCate Defender® M not only provides exceptional protection from flame and heat, but also offers the level of comfort and durability required in combat uniforms. Now, TenCate and Digital Concealment Systems are proud to announce that both the A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns are available on Defender® M fabrics. A-TACS Camo is now available on Tencate Defender® M from Tencate. For more information, contact Mr. John Blackmon by email at j.blackmon@tencate.com  or TenCate Customer Service by e-mail at: contactus@tencate.com.

About TenCate Defender®M

When warfighters are exposed to blasts and burning fuel, life and death can be measured in seconds. Thanks to a proprietary blend of fibers including Lenzing® FR, the unique flame-resistant qualities of Defender® M provide the warfighter with that extra margin of protection including comprehensive protection during exposure to flames and high heat combined with the ability to quickly self-extinguish in the event of a fire or explosion. It is also engineered not to melt or drip like some non-flame resistant blends.

The flame-resistant qualities of Defender® M are inherent to the fabric. They will never wash or wear out over the entire wear life of the garment.

Defender® M provides the high level of everyday performance that’s essential in any uniform. It’s lightweight and breathable with excellent moisture management, wicking away perspiration and minimizing discomfort when the temperature soars. Its excellent resistance to wear, tearing, and fading ensures a long, useful garment life.

For more information on Tencate Defender® M, visit www.defenderm.com.

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Now Available From MasterPiece Arms, The MPA57sst Pistol in A-TACS AU Camo

This handy little pistol now available in A-TACS Camo from MasterPiece Arms fires a 5.7x28mm round and features a 5” barrel, a muzzle brake, a top rail for mounting whatever bling you choose to add and comes standard with a 20 round polymer magazine that can be upgraded to higher capacity loads. Not a bad thing to have in a tight spot. Fore more information, or to purchase one for yourself, visit their website at www.masterpiecearms.com

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A-TACS AU Camo Bags from Hazard 4

Hazard 4® gets its name from the standard classification index of threats: ‘1’ being low, through ‘2 & 3’ being moderate to ‘4’ being potentially deadly. Whether these threats are posed by the’ environment, the weather, industrial conditions, or a human threat, Hazard 4® gear is designed to be the last line of defense for the operator.

From their roots as an outdoor adventure, extreme sport, and travel gear manufacturer, to being a top-line battle-tested gear builder, Hazard 4 gear is designed to outlast any extreme situation thrown at it and keep right on going.

The Plan B Sling Pack

Whether it’s a military unit in a personnel carrier, a pilot in a cockpit, drivers in a HumVee, or a journalist in the back of a goat truck, they all have to bring their gear. And sometimes, they may need to ‘relocate’ in a hurry. This is the environment for which the Hazard 4  Evac™ line of sling-packs has been developed. Slim shaped, for ease of  maneuvering in crowds, they can be stored in vehicles/lockers, and are quick to take on or off. They are also ambidextrous, and unlike others in this class,they are actually comfortable to wear; The main padded strap is strategically angled at either the right or left lower corner so the pad aligns ergonomically in the correct body-hugging direction. There is no slack, or gapping away from the body as is typical with similar single shoulder packs. The bag can be rotated to the chest for on-the-go access, and all pockets are designed to face the user in this mode on either the right or left side. This means the user can go from wearing the pack on his back, to driving a vehicle with it on his chest in just a few seconds. One-strap-also makes shouldering a long-gun natural – unlike a regular backpack. Available in A-TACS AU Camo.

The Defense Courier Messenger Bag

A true messenger in concept, it stays very flat when carrying loads like a laptop, but its ingenious construction allows it to square-out to accept a huge load-out. The similarities to its conventional cousins end there. The full suite of tactical/professional features included make it a genuine work-bag. The shoulder strap is sewn directy to the sides with huge x-stitches so there is no hardware to break under heavy loads. The strap has a thick, comfortable pad with modular loops for attaching pouches etc. and a quick-release buckle with lock for emergency drops. The webbing used throughout the bag is a class-leading scuba-tank strapping that is stiff yet soft on the skin. The front surface under the flap is covered in modular (MOLLE-Compliant) webbing to load-out numerous pouches/etc., but also to keep them hidden/protected under the unassuming flap. The flap-straps compresses bulk with oversized lock-buckles and the front has a large loop-fastener area which also fits their i.d. window patch. The patch can be secured to the flap w/ their Civilian® Rewind™ cable gear retractor. There is a large zippered pocket on the flap and the flap itself unzips in the front to allow access to the main cargo bay without opening the buckles!

There is also modular webbing on both sides of the bag for attaching side-pouches (for water bottles etc.) and some more next to the rubberized top-handle. The interior of the main bay is covered with 4 stuff-pockets for magazines, bottles, first-aid kit etc. The under-flap is a large, clear, weather-proof window for maps/documents that can be quickly consulted on the go. The interior area behind the front flap also contains a zipped organizer pannel for all the pens, flash-drives, knifes etc. that most users would ever need to carry. There is also a heavily padded laptop sleeve carrier lined in our unique quited soft fabric and closed with its own adjustable strap (up to 16″ PC.) The front of the laptop area is a large loop-fastener to accommodate many patches and organizers such as our law-enforcement-specific Stick-Up™ holster for any auto-pistol . Available in A-TACS AU Camo.

The Launch Pad Sleeve for iPad

Fits iPad® tablets with thin over-cases. A-TACS AU Camo Cordura® construction with generous padding. Quilted interior protects your iPad’s finish. Back surface MOLLE for larger pouches to store anything from cameras, to charging brick and smaller pouches for the photo-kit reader, USB cables, flash-drives and mil-spec items like folding knives/multi tools, water bottle pouches, etc. The back has a velcro area. There is a front 3-d logo, a mil-spec-styled embroidery logo w/ product catalog designation, high-quality recessed velcro closures and unique security-closure on front featuring a removable shock-cord elastic. For ventilation of your iPad, there are two grommeted and filtered air-vents and, for clipping on a carabiner, keychain, or wristloop there is a mil-spec corner steel triangle-ring.

For additional Specs and information on these products, to find a Hazard 4 retailer, or to purchase, visit them online at: www.hazard4.com

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The Red Tac Gear tactical shooting pillow in A-TACS AU and FG now available from OC Tactical

The ultimate shooting bag. Poly filled with matching webbing and now available in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG patterns. For more information or to purchase, visit them online at: www.octactical.com

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The Elite Ops DCS Carrier Base in A-TACS AU camo from Warrior Assault Systems

UK Based Warrior Assault Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of military and tactical equipment. They are known for putting their gear through some of the most intense situations ever devised…meaning that all of their gear is rigorously battle tested to ensure it will perform as intended.

The DCS (Dynamic Combat System) in A-TACS AU Camo is a lightweight armor carrier, with removable sides that can hold Nexus Soft Armour in the Front and Back as well as in the adjustable side pouches. It is also capable of holding large ballistic plates in the front and back as well as 6 x 8 side plates.

The DCS is fully adjustable for height and width and comes with 3D Spacer mesh lining for cooling and comfort.

The DCS is designed to be worn with the Warrior Frag Belt (sold separately) as shown. For additional information about the DCS or any of warriors full line of other A-TACS Camo products or, to locate a retailer, visit them online at: www.warriorassaultsystems.com

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Walter Wilkinson crowned world champion in the FCSA Hunter Class Score with his Steyr HS.50.

Using his out-of-the-box Steyr HS.50 long-range precision rifle, Walter Wilkinson, 56, of Edgewood, NM, bested a field of 31 competitors—most using highly customized rifles—to take the Hunter Class Score World Championship title at the Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Association World Championships at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, NM, held July 1st and 2nd. This marks the second year in a row that a competitor with an off-the-shelf Steyr HS.50 has won the Hunter Class, as Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta walked away with the championship title last year.

Wilkinson, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces sergeant major and current Gunsite Academy instructor, ran up a two-day aggregate score of 274-6X out of a possible 300, beating his next closest competitor, Lee Rasmussen, by two Xs. With his Nightforce NXS 5.5X-22X 56mm scope and the HS.50’s stock folding bipod in place, Wilkinson’s rifle weighed in at just about 30 lbs. in a class with a 50-lb. limit. The Hunter Class is a 1,000-yd. course of fire consisting of six, five-shot strings, with three strings shot on the first day, and three strings shot on the second day. Due to the wildly varying winds on this range, competitors who shot in the morning of the first day were required to shoot in the afternoon of the second day, and vice versa, to equal the playing field.

Slotted in the first afternoon’s fourth relay, Wilkinson’s consistency, solid wind-doping and holding skills paid off as the winds made an especially tricky display with a 180-degree shift as thunderheads came over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Heading into his morning relay on the second day, Wilkinson found himself in second place with nothing to do but hammer the 12-inch 10-ring to work his way into the championship title.

Wilkinson, who purchased the Steyr HS.50 in 2007 and soon thereafter topped it with a Nightforce scope and a two-tone coat of Krylon paint, began working on load development as a main priority in order to compete in this type of long-range match.

“As I was working up a load for the HS.50, I shot groups that amazed me,” Wilkinson said. “They were the best groups that I have ever shot in my life—and they were with the .50 BMG!

“This didn’t make sense to me,” he said. “With my experience with the performance of the same cartridge overseas, I didn’t expect that kind of accuracy out of it. I was getting groups of .214 MOA at 220 yards, and I didn’t know what to think. All the bullets were going in the same hole, and it was like ‘Wow, I’ve really got a rifle that can shoot here.’ And since then, with working up different loads and knowing what the gun likes, I have become extremely happy with the HS.50.”

In addition to the new Hunter Class World Championship title, Wilkinson was also a member of the Ten-X team, which won the Team World Championship with an aggregate score of 1081-24X combined with an average group size of 14.549 inches for a combination score of 19.508, as compared to the second place team’s 35.026. Each team comprised of four shooters with one from each of the four classes represented at the championships: Light, Heavy, Unlimited and Hunter. -Courtesy Hunter Outdoor Communications.

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