Now Available from US Nightvision, Galaxy SIII Hard Shell Case A-TACS AU and FG Camo™

Finally, a hard Shell A-TACS Camo™ Phone Protection Solution for your Galaxy SIII. This case goes through a five step coating process that is finished in USNV’s exclusive “Silicone Grip” Soft-Touch coating. The protective hard shell case is non-skid and looks and feels like no other case on the market. To purchase, visit them online at: www.usnightvision.com

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New from Intelligent Armour, Lightweight 1” Combat Belt in A-TACS FG Camo.

intelligent_armour_atacs_fg_beltGloucestershire, UK based Intelligent Armour introduces their new lightweight combat belt in A-TACS FG Camo and built to UK Military Specifications.

The new Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt can be worn with any trousers on or off duty without worrying about the width of the belt. At 1″ wide, the Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt 1″ will fit snugly on tactical trousers or jeans and is easily adjusted.

This belt also features a 1” Cobra Buckle…the smallest in the Cobra Buckle range from Austrialpin, the 1″ Cobra Buckle is lightweight, and very strong.

Cobras are CNC machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminium alloy and feature solid brass and stainless internal release mechanisms. All AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested and certified by highly respected independent /3rd party test houses and exceed Military Specification guidelines.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested to the following standards:

•  MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Dust Test Cert

•  MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Sand Test Cert

•  MIL-STD 810F (509.4) Salt Fog / Corrosion Resistance Test Cert

To find out more about this product or to purchase, visit Intelligent Armour online at www.body-armour-protection.co.uk.

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A-TACS Camo Gear Locker Episode 2

In our latest episode of A-TACS Camo Gear Locker, Jim Gilliland covers administrative loading, We follow-up on the recent IWA Show in Germany and Scott Peckham demonstrates how to build a two-stage sleeping and fighting position.

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Spetsnaz Veterans in A-TACS AU Camo at Warrior Competition

spetznaz_atacs_01The Ukrainian Company Prof1 Group out of Kiev had the honor of former Spetsnaz Veterans from counter terrorist unit Alpha wear their P1G-Tac TUU uniform in A-TACS AU Camouflage at the 5th Annual Warrior Competition.  This year’s competition had over thirty military and police teams from around the world competing in 12 events utilizing 5.56 caliber rifles and 9mm pistols and took place at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center as it always has in Amman, Jordan. The TUU Uniform from the P1G-Tac line is now being replaced by an improved uniform known as the Mabuta MK-2 uniform, which we have seen to integrate some great features and will also be available in A-TACS AU as well as the A-TACS FG Camo Pattern. Posting courtesy of Predator Intelligence Blog.


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More A-TACS Camo products from US Nightvision

USnightvision_atacs_au_helmetNew from US Nightvision, the PT A-Alpha is a lightweight 4 point suspension helmet. The helmet comes with a nape pad and multi-chin strap. The chin strap can be used for a more stable NVG platform or as a standard under the chin strap. There is removable EVA foam for maximum comfort and breathability. The drill pattern allows for various rectangular and triangular mounts including MICH, PASGT, and Norotos. The helmet is available in a non-reflective A-TACS AU or FG Camo finish with a tough silicon clear coating. Available in sizes from Small to X-Large and featuring a right side rail mount and pre-drilling for PVS-7/PVS-14 NVG Shroud (Optional).


Also available from US Nightvision, new Macbook wraps in A-TACS AU and FG Camo. Custom fit for your laptop complete with velcro kit for your favorite patch. (Patch Not Included)

For more information about these or other items from USNV in A-TACS Camo or to inquire about purchase, visit them online at: www.usnightvision.com



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New Products from US Nightvision Corporation now available in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo Patterns

Roseville, California based US Night Vision Corporation introduces a wide range of new concealment products now available in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo patterns. US Nightvision is a world-leading supplier of Night Vision and surveillance products to the Military, Law Enforcement and Shooting Sports Industry. New products in their line include

Mag Wraps

Mag Wraps come in three packs and will fit any 30 round Magazine. They are easy to install and offer the ultimate in protection and enhanced concealment for your magazines. The wraps are designed to stop right at the mag well so there is no interference with the operation of the magazine while in the weapon.

Additionally, their premium US-Made Mag Wraps offer superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes and are completely waterproof. All Mag Wraps are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating. They will adhere to virtually any substrate and leave zero residue when removed. They can be placed over each other if need be for an immediate mission profile change. Their exclusive two-piece wrap design also leaves so seams on the crucial sides of the magazine for superior concealment.


Rapid Wraps™ Do-It-Yourself A-TACS Camo® Wrap.

Rapid Wraps™  rolls come in 2″x60″ lengths to custom cover just about anything from firearms to optics. They are easy to use and can be cut to size for any application, simply peel and stick.

Rapid Wraps™ are custom printed on a high speed 3M material and are adaptable for virtually any application and offer great protection from moisture and scuffs to your weapon or optic system. They will adhere to virtually any substrate and leave zero residue when removed. If removed properly, Rapid Wraps can be reused again and again.


Hard Shell A-TACS Camo™ Solution for your iPhone

US Nightvision iPhone Cases goes through a five step coating process and are finished in their exclusive “Silicone Grip” Soft-Touch coating. The protective hard shell case is non-skid and looks and feels like no other case on the market. Premium tin packaging that also includes matching face plate graphics are also included to compliment the A-TACS Camo design.



For more information or to purchase these or any of US Nightvision’s product line featuring A-TACS Camo, visit them online at www.usnightvision.com.


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Welcome to the New Enhanced A-TACS.com

Thanks for hanging in there as we prepared our new website. We hope you find many of the added features useful. We have added many new sections and upgraded several of the existing features of this website in an effort to make it easier to find the A-TACS Camo products you are looking for. Among the newest features you may notice is the addition of a new video section and the addition of a YouTube channel complete with the first episode of our new web series, A-TACS Camo Gear Locker. This new series is hosted by our own Jim Gilliland and will feature appearances from tactical professionals who specialize in a wide array of disciplines. You will see new products and get tips and tactics from end users. Be sure and check back for additional episodes coming soon.
Other feature enhancements include information on ordering New A-TACS Camo Kydex, Information on A-TACS Camo Hydrographics, downloadable backgrounds for your iPhone, iPad and computer, and a variety of other enhancements. Check back soon for additional updates, enhancements and more information as we grow to serve those who serve for us.
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